Meet the Maker

Hi there! I'm Bailey, owner and designer behind Cora and Violet since 2016. I started sewing as a kid, begging my mom to let me create anything and everything. Doll clothes to hemming, altering and eventually making my own clothes from anything I could find. Present day, things aren't that much different. You can find me in my favorite antique stores, usually with one or all of my three kiddos in tow. Searching through textiles at vintage sales and making contacts with pretty much anyone that has a unique medium I think I can utilize. I am a gardening enthusiast, that extends indoors year round where I have curated my own jungle oasis with my many plants. I love to travel, solo, with family & friends. Mainly, every adventure I can take my kids on to show them this big wonderful world is made up of more than our small town while holding onto our core values. A lot of my inspiration stems from my travels, near and far.  When not on the soccer field, gymnastics or at a creek catch and release of crawdads or rescuing moths- you can find me nestled up with a book at home enjoying my little sanctuary.
Thanks for stopping by!