$ 199.00
Type: Girl outfit

** currently, ready to ship, please allow 1-3 days to package. Thank you for your patience as each piece is hand cut, little details are hand stitched and sewn with care.

Looking for that sign spring is coming? We’ll look no further. This adorable gown has a soft underlayer of pale pink tulle, soft yellow tulle, and the embroidered butterflies, three layers for a full twirling look. The sleeves drape over the shoulder and fall forward and back over the shoulder to drape across the open back. Truly a stunning design, two of a kind. 

sizing*** this dress has a wide size range. Shown at the height of a 4-5 yr old, thr dress grazes the ground. Would easily fit 8yrs with a shorter length. Dress length is  25inches from waist to floor. Bodice is 9 inches across. Adjustable waist and height. 


This outfit is a labor of love, hand made with care. 


***Please note that at Cora and Violet our creations are made from a mix of vintage and new materials- thus the exact fiber contents are not always known. Hand wash only. Lie flat to dry. Please be careful with adornments and straps on all of the pieces as they could pose a choking hazard. The clothing is not fire resistant.