Care Instructions

Hand wash in cold water|lay flat dry


Pom's are hand sewn, fluff by gently twisting the outer most circles 2-3 times, alternating direction.


Some fabrics are intentionally antiqued, shipping can cause sweating. Warm water & light soap will remove any unwanted color deposits, this is rare but does occur.


Please note the loop in the back waist for straps to tie into a bow. ( not every design )

Wrinkles. Most fabrics used are delicate, so its safe to assume you cannot iron your creations. We prefer to use a steamer or test a small area through a towel if you think you could iron that material, avoid tulle. 

Natural fiber creations. as you use your items, sometimes the fibers will shift and loosen, time for a haircut! simple grab a pair of small scissors and gently little by little shape by trimming off furs, stragglers and the sorts. Should look good as new, I'm talking about you party hats! (: