Barbie- Express

$ 198.00
Type: Girl outfit


** LAST MINUTE EXPRESS RUSH- Allow 1-3 business days to process. Shipping speed chosen at checkout, add shipping timeframe to processing window.  Thank you for your patience as each piece is hand cut, and little details are hand stitched and sewn with care. For your order, It is best to assume the full turnaround when planning to avoid conflicts.

Girls just wanna have fun! 

Featuring our brand new pattern, a"shaker" bodice, hemmed with rows filled with hand-picked glitter, confetti hearts, and kisses.

Rhinestone atop a ruffle, tapered eloquently to drape over the collar bone and around the shoulder, softly tied in the back by silk straps.

Fluttered iridescent heart straps, matching ruffled skirt atop a flocked velvet dot underlayer, chef’s kiss.

With an underlayer of soft blush tulle, this is the perfect dress for twirling.

Adjustable waist and bodice for a wide fit! (See Sizing Chart here)

Hand cut letters, numbers or the plain bib. please note in this sample they are not attached and may appear so. Letters and numbers not sold separately, and are not detachable. 

NOTES - are located in checkout for the letter or number choice. 

Don’t forget your matching accessories! 

Matching bow

express BOW

Photos by: @creatingmemories_c.o._, @estherandi1 

This outfit is a labor of labor, each piece has several hours poured into it. 

These outfits are intended as specialty wear, they are designed with photographic capabilities in mind. This is a creation made from tulle, we have added a third layer of a thicker tulle to help the opacity. Bloomers are available separately to better fit your styling. 

***Please note that at Cora and Violet our creations are made from a mix of vintage and new materials- thus the exact fiber contents are not always known. Hand wash only. Lie flat to dry. Please be careful with adornments and straps on all of the pieces as they could pose a choking hazard. Not intended for regular wear. This is not fire resistant.