Our Story

It took me some time to determine an appropriate name for my shop, not only a name that fits my brand, but a name that has significance.  Growing up my mother was always busy sewing clothes for me, painting and creating; a true artist.  She passed unexpectedly when I was 11, but her creations left a family legacy.  Looking through her sewing cabinet I found a hand painted clothing label she had made and attached to a baby dress.  It was a purple violet, with “Violet and Co.” hand written on the front, clearly in reference to my middle name: Violet.  


Time has passed, and I have children of my own now.  My daughter Cora is the reason that I started to sew unique clothing, and has provided me with creative inspiration.  As I follow in my mother’s footsteps with a desire for unique creations, it was a natural choice to combine the names Cora and Violet, symbolizing two little girls, each loved by their mothers.


At Cora and Violet we strive to provide custom and unique clothing for the little ones in your life.  You will find vintage elements mixed with a modern flair for a style that is truly custom, and you can rest assured that each piece was hand made from start to finish by myself and my close team of seamstresses.


Bailey Violet