Bluey Birthday dress

$ 159.00
Type: Girl outfit

** Handmade to order. Thank you for your patience as each piece is hand cut, little details are hand stitched and sewn with care. 

It is best to assume the full turn around in business days when planning to avoid conflicts. **

Wackadoo! Is it your Birthday too?

Whatever age you are celebrating, we can celebrate with our customizable Bluey dress. Choose your number from 1-10!

Layers of soft tulle your little will not only look adorable but they will love this comfortable fit!

Polka dots, daisies and butterflies on our cascading sleeves. Handmade pom accents and individually placed daisies, all handmade. Truly a keepsake. **Please note due to manufacturing shortages, the dress bib has daisies that are part of the fabric, not raised, shown in photos. 

Adjustable skirt and straps for a wide range in fit.   (See Sizing Chart here)

Please note the appliqués are not attached to this sample so may appear “floating” your finished dress will be attached, appliqués not sold separately. 

*Want just the number without Bluey and friends here: 

daisy dress 

Style with:

 Daisy long sleeve shirt

Birthday Party invite 

Bluey and Bingo Hair clips

Bluey party hat

Numbered shaker wand

Birthday Cake headpiece

Ice cream headpiece 


Darling outfit for those special little party animals in your life.

We love them, we celebrate them, and we can’t imagine cleaning up after anyone else’s mess! 

Soon enough...

your living room won’t be scattered with toys...

your counters mess free..

your car clear from discarded food and crumbs...

Shoes and socks tossed aside littering the floor...

little baby giggles and tummy laughs...

soon enough they won’t let you dress them. 

Make it a special birthday this year with Cora and Violet, we understand. 



This outfit is a labor of labor, each piece has several hours poured into it. 


***Please note that at Cora and Violet our creations are made from a mix of vintage and new materials- thus the exact fiber contents are not always known. Details will vary due to the nature of the fabric. each is handmade to be a individual work of art. Hand wash only. Lie flat to dry. Please be careful with adornments and straps on all of the pieces as they could pose a choking hazard. The clothing is not fire-resistant.